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Hier ist Musas Song in Deutsch. Viel Spaß =) Lyrics: hohohohoh uuuuuu uooooooh Dieses Bild von dir. Musa is from Melody, the Guardian Fairy of Melody, one of the founding members of the Winx Club Birthday ‎: ‎May 30. | Play with the Winx Fashion Dools Community! und erfahre alles über mich! Hallo, ich bin Musa! Musa: The power of music! Video. Tour auf.

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Winx Club - 07x12 - Musa's Song! [Dutch/Nederlands] HD! Luckily, Stella mocks Lorelei and a deranged Ace fires her, leaving the Winx to peacefully look for new talents on their. Macht ihr heute mit der Band Musik? At Alfea, Stella goes to a museum room in Alfea to get some inspiration for her fashion designs. Hi Musa Ich wünsche Dir alles gute zum Muttertag und winx musa tollen Sonntag mit Riven. While exploring the nearby forest, Bugs bunny games list senses Annabelle nearby and the Winx soon find their friend, who is initially shocked by their winged appearances. Musa in her Dreamix JSSnippetsStack. Musa in Season 4 Along with the other Winx girls, Musa traveled to Earth to help them search for the last fairy on Earth , who was revealed to be a girl named Roxy. Her wings are translucent and bright blue with purple bands in the middle. In Season 7, Musa wears a purple jacket on top of the blue blouse with pale blue collar and sleeves. Musa in Nick One Hour Specials Outfit. However, at the end, almost all of the Pixies disappear along with the trolls. Another argue has happened between Musa and Tecna , that is Musa thought that Tecna was not paying much attention to the discussion of Musa about the instruments. Du verlässt die Winxclub Website, einverstanden? Later on, Musa and the Winx celebrates Faragonda 's th anniversary with the Pixies. This section lacks information. Fairy Animal Critty the Quillcat. winx musa Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Fairy Rescue Section Ask Admin Section. After their call ends, the Winx experience a Dreamix Vision that also leads them to Switzerland in search of an aspiring snowboarding champion named Silkehowever, when the Winx meet Silke, she is terrible at snowboarding. Before Aisha calls, Musa says that they have to do it fast. Cartoon Tinkerbell Is Back World of Logo quist. Sie haben die Möglichkeit den Text zu gestalten. Later she is seen with the others in their room winx musa they are discussing how to defeat Tritannus Musa says "But how, they the Mutants attack whenever Tritannus commands". Als die Winx in der Linphea-Schule waren griffen die Trix mit dem Wolkenturm die Schule an. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. Ich finde es blöd das musa und riven sich so schlecht vertragen. Staffel werden Musa und Layla gute Freunde. She then has one final heart-to-heart with Madelyn before she and the Winx leave for their next destination, Santa Monica , and this time, it is under Lorelei's orders. By the end of the episode, loud ticking can be heard from Musa's handbag as the strange device has begun moving.

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Winx musa Am Ende dieses Vorfalls stimmt ihr Vater der Musik zu. Ihr Vater war ebenfalls ein Musiker, aber er hat nie eine einzige Bubble spiel kostenlos downloaden gespielt, nachdem Musas Mutter starb. Musa watches the Specialists ' and Paladins ' training. After some time, she is seen back at the Gardenia beach with the rest of the Winx. Hallo Musa Hast Du schon neue Songs für die Sommerpartys, die die Winx zweifellos Feiern werden? Revenge of the Trix Winx Club: Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Ad computer games super mario interference detected!
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Die Konzerte meiner Band darf man auf keinen Fall verpassen: Luckily, thanks to Flora's powers, they are able to gain the trust of the Forest Spirit who frees them from her labyrinth and leads them to where Bloom and the talents are being held. Her emotional weakness is the result of her mother's death and her father being far away. Winx Club World of Winx Comics. This causes some of them to doubt their powers but their doubts are quickly turned into confusion when the Queen's shadows arrive in Switzerland with Silke as their target. Her Butterflix form consists of a medium-sized dress with two different tones of lilac with celeste in pink stripes. She has different layers under her dress and wears pink shoes and a peach barrette in the form of a butterfly on her hair.


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